day 287 - contra dance

Saturday, May 30, 2015
By Ellen Livia - 11:57 PM

#Day287 Contra Dancing at Glen Echo Park. After a long day in DC, i went home and go straight to Glen Echo Park. It was an old amusement park back in 1900. They had an old carousel, poetry place, trail and folk festival and a dance studio!

Contra dancing is a folk american dance. Where you dance with a partner. It was really fun. I met a lot of people here. From the youngest kids to seniors. I came with my friend and hostfamily. My hostbrother come here often because he is a dancer. This was my first time and i definitely would like to come again. I came earlier because they had lesson in the beginning. It was only $5 for 18 and under. I’m officialy a friday night dancer! The people were really nice. I learnt Contra Dancing, Square Dancing and Waltz. But my favorite is contra!

I cant help to post 2 things from yesterday because i can’t help this was really fun!.

You don’t need a partner to come with. There’s always somebody who will ask you to dance. Last night, hundreds people were there. And i met a lot of new friends! Tonight and tomorrow night they gonna have Folk American Festival for free.

If you’d like to come to any event there, tell me! I’d like to go together!

#NyanyianTanahAir #AFS #ciamique #KLYES (at Glen Echo Park, Maryland)

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