Thursday, May 28, 2015
By Ellen Livia - 3:00 PM

Halo Ciamique fellas!

Apa kabar? Howdy? Como estas?

It's been a while since the last time i post something in my journey. I just suddenly woke up. My sleeping schedule is really bad. I woke up every 2 hours i guess. But this time, it is because another night mare that I had. 

I have never wrote anything on my journal for a long time. I can not find it. I ended up writing it here. So here it is.

In my dream, i woke up on my bed, my own bed in my own bed room in Indonesia with some people that I knew in US. The room was very dark, it was raining. I could smell how it was. The people just stood there around my bed talking to another people. I saw them and tried to wake up and reach them, but they are ignoring me. I saw a guy who kept staring at me. And i couldn't help my self to get away from that stares and look at something else. 

and he said "Good bye".

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