Tuesday, March 3, 2015
By Ellen Livia - 10:29 AM

Mount Vernon, Baltimore healed me.
I felt home when I was in Baltimore. It's not as crowd as Jakarta, but I love it.

I went to Stephanie's boyfriend's apartment in Baltimore. Stephanie is my AFS-liaison's daughter. She took me walking around Baltimore. I love them. They made me feel better today, they took me to an Indian  restaurant. They have good food there, all-you-can-eat buffet is the best ✌️.

Yes, i ate a lot!

After we had lunch, we decided to go back to her boyfriend's apartment. But I found a Mount Vernon map in front of a building. I decided to walk around Baltimore. Fortunately, Stephanie wanted to stick with me and show me around. We stopped by at George Washington Statue. I loved the buildings there, and the churches.

The church is beautiful and peaceful. 
I remember that church, mosque, or temple are home for eveybody. 
You know you always have home that will welcome you. Church is one of the home.

I also met Pancake when I was hanging out there. Pancake is Stephanie's and her Boyfriend's dog. They addopted him. Isn't he cute? 

I found a funny unusual thing today when i was in grocery store. The sign "Consumer in Training" and the little kid with the tiny cart is so cute!

Today was a beautiful sunny day, would we have 2 hours delay tomorrow?

The girl in the back helped us push the cart and worked for the tips, unusual thing that I saw in the US. I talked to her and she said sometimes she earmed $50 per hour. Interesting huh?

feel much better tonight.
There's no a bad day, it's just a bad mood.

And there is always a reason behind the grumpy face and a bad mood. ✌️

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