Hai Mamasay

Monday, March 2, 2015
By Ellen Livia - 8:26 AM

On Tuesday, February 24, We have challenge day in the school. The group leader asked us to write something to the person that we want to talk to.

My friends wrote the letter to their mom, dad, ex-friend(crazy? Huh. Why there is such a thing called as ex-friend), boyfriend, girlfriend, enemy, etc.

I wrote it to my mamasay.

Bahasa( Indonesian)

Hai mamasay,

Ellen kangen mama.
Makasih mama udah jadi mama yang luar biasa buat saya.
Livia bangga punya mama. 
Livia ga akan jadi kaya sekarang tanoa mama.

Maaf selama ini kalau Livia ngecewain mama. Hari ini 24 Feb 2015. Livia udah 6 bulan 13 hari jauh sama mama.
Livia bangga sama mana dan Lidia sana papa.
Saya mau kita tetep bareng-bareng susah & sedih.
Ellen sayang mama.
Saya harap saya bisa main gitar buat mama.
Saya baik-baik saja..


Hi mamasay,
Ellen(I) miss you.
Thanks for being an amazing mama(mother) for me.
Livia(I) is proud of mama.
Livia(I) will not be who I am today without mama.

I'm sorry that I made you dissapointed (for the stupid things I have done). Today is Feb 24, 2015.
Livia (I) have been far away from you and home for 6 months and 13 days. Livia(I) is proud of Mama (mother), Lidia (mu sister's name) and Papa(father). I want us to be together even in our worst day and the saddest day (it sounds weird in english).
Ellen (I) sayang(it means sort of love, but it's not love, love in Bahasa is Cinta) mama.
I wish i could play guitar for you (right now).
I am doing okay


P.S : Mamasay is the way i call my mother, It stands for Mama-Sayang, the dearest Mother. 

Thankyou for the question that inspired me to post this letter :)
You know someone means a lot to yoh when he/she is far away from you.

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