3 Stages of Love

Thursday, March 5, 2015
By Ellen Livia - 7:41 PM

You don't know where your feelings gonna take you

3 Stages of Love : Suka, Sayang, Cinta

There is a big difference between English and Bahasa (Indonesian). Actually, I am pretty sure some languages have its own difference.

So, i found an interesting article about Suka, Sayang, and Cinta. Well there's 2 more called Kasih and Naksir.

But maybe Kasih is categorized with Sayang. Naksir is categorized with Suka.

Meanwhile, in English they just called those 3 words as Love. That's so difference, isn't it? 

These 3 stages of love that i am going to talk about is a kind of love that tou feel when you are falling in love with a guy or a girl. Not the kind of love that you have with your family, sibling and friends( well sometimes it works).

Suka is when you see someone and you will say that she is nice, beautiful, and you like him/her. But it's not like you are having a crush, it's more than that. And you DO like him/her.

Sayang is when you look at someone, you like them, you are happy for them, and you just Sayang them. It's not just suka. There is something more that you will be happy when they are happy. It doesn't matter when the person you sayang loves somebody else, not you. You are just happy for them.

Cinta is more than Sayang and Suka. Probably, i could call it as Love. Love is when you look at him/ her. You will realize that He/She is the best thing that God has given to you. Im feeling like it's uncommon to love somebody that you don't even know. 

When you suka someone, you will try to get their attention.
When you sayang someone, you just let them in if they want to. Just sayang them and make them happy.
When you cinta someone, you will wait.

When someone you suka hurt you, you will get mad for whatever reason. 
When someone you sayang hurt you, you will cry for him/her. 
When someone you cinta hurt you, you will say it's okay, He/She just didn't know what He/She did.

Suka is getting.
Sayang is giving.
Cinta is loving..

I've never been in Cinta. Most teenager nowadays used Cinta/Love when they did not really mean it. Or English just didn't have that translation.
I had a boyfriend before, but it's just sayang. Cinta is a strong word.

2 days ago, i saw this couple at school.
No, they are not the kind of couple that everybody know in the school. It's just sweet when i walked behind them and looking at them from behind with the same walking rhythm. And they compliment each other how they have the same hair style right now. I did not say it's goal. It's just one of adorable couple moment.

So, no matter what you feel someone, either it is Suka, Sayang, and Cinta. Just go ahead. It makes you happy.
Because being happy is good 

Somehow, im somewhere between Sayang and Cinta

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