day 247 - SATAY

Monday, May 18, 2015
By Ellen Livia - 8:17 AM

#Day274 yesterday we went to pick up some packages fot the color run. We went to Virginia & DC. We visited Bonsai Arboretum Garden, Torpedo Factory art studio, Old town alexandria and Satay Sarinah (indonesian restaurant). Sate / satay is one of indonesian food. I went with some friends & mom. The food are really good. Jasleen tried her favorite indonesian food, rendang. The rest of us tried satay. We also had bakwan, gorengan, siomay, combro, acar, gado-gado, kerupuk etc.

Another interesting fact, the owner, Sonia is from the same neighbourhood where i was born & raised!!
If you all wanna try indonesian food. I will bring it to choir banquet in tuesday ;)

Thankyou mother for the awesome days that you always gave to me ❤️

#NyanyianTanahAir #AFS #ciamique #klyes (at Satay Sarinah)

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