day 285 - babysitting

Thursday, May 28, 2015
By Ellen Livia - 11:34 AM

#Day285 babysitting these two kiddos had never been any easier than today, Kit-Kat ( Katherine ) & Leon.

I asked Kat why she likes to spin around. She told me she doesn’t feel anything. Everything followed her around and she was the center of everything.

“ I am a clock. I spin around and people look at me. I like getting attention. ” - Kat.

I like how a 5 years old kid is always being so honest about what is on their mind.

Leon Hilker, he is my bro. Shoutout to Leon for being a “nice” German friend that will always be there to listen any american & foreign crap that i had. He is a German exchange student that goes to Oakland Mills High School. I knew him more than a year, before we came to US, Thanks internet that made exchange students life easier. Leon is from Hanover, German. He has 5 siblings, I asked him what the things he missed the most. He answered, “family”.

But, we had our second American family. So, there was always be somebody that brighten our days here.

Anyway, keep your tongue in kid!
Still, he had no Instagram..

#NyanyianTanahAir #AFS #ciamique #KLYES

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