day 262 - xxship

Monday, May 4, 2015
By Ellen Livia - 11:57 PM

#Day262 the best kind of relationship is a relationship.

I captured different kinds of relationship on this picture yesterday.

Friendship on the left side far behind, Mother- Daughter in the middle, a lonely duck on the bay, and a boyfriend - girlfriend relationship on the right side.

All of them are sweet, but different kinds of sweet.

A friendship on the left might not be seen, but we know that it is exist.

The thing I realized about all of them is they were gazing at the same view, a duck swimming on the bay. The duck was alone, still eye-catching tho. The duck doesnt even need to try to get attention. I kinda saw that the duck was also in different kind of relationship. The duck was related to the nature, which makes a good combination.
Anyway, which one is your favorite?

#AFS #YES #NyanyianTanahAir #ciamique (at Annapolis Waterfront)

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