being a street musician

Saturday, May 9, 2015
By Ellen Livia - 10:51 PM

this is the video from yesterday.

Being a street musician in Annapolis.

We could do something more to help people, by doing our things.

Most of teenagers (including me) are not aware for what happened in the world, we see the news but we keep remaining silence and being an audience. It’s time to be the change. Get out from your comfort zone and hop off to the street and play some music. That’s what i did, because i enjoy it.

But you all don’t need to do that, you could do something that you enjoy to help people, i’ll help to make it happen if it’s possible.

We need some volunteers during A,C,D Lunches for A & B days to collect donation (and do different things if you are willing to!)

You could help by spreading this or telling your folks!

Let’s make a difference!

#hOMe4Nepal (at hOMe4Nepal)

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