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Saturday, May 16, 2015
By Ellen Livia - 5:08 AM

#Day272 Become a host family with AFS!

Dear future host family, my name is Livia Ellen, i am a proud AFS-YES exchange student from Indonesia hosted in AFS Baltimore Area Team.

Welcome the exchange student to your house & bring the world home!

Today during my lunch, my hostmom texted me that i have exactly a month left and she will make the most of it. Which make me realize i love her so muuucccchhhhhhh.

This year we have 5 exchange students in OMHS. But the upcoming year, the number of exchange students in Howard Country will decrease because we need more host family for exchange students. Some people can not go on exchange just because they do not have a host family yet. I want them to experience what I experience here. Most exchange students that hosted in Baltimore Area Team are actually placed in Howard County. Especially after what happened in Baltimore. There are a lot of young people who want to come to US, who want to have a new cultural experience, who wants to be part of your family.

Beside it takes big effort to apply for an exchange program, it’s difficult to find a host family and be able to go. Exchange student leave everything behind, they leave their friends, family, language, food and their country. I know it’s a hard commitment to be willing to welcome a completely stranger in your house who come from different country and speak a different language and live with them for a year. But i promise you it is gonna be worth it. You make their dreams come true. You will share culture and become a family. I know the year is not gonna be easy, there will be some ups and downs, but it will be an amazing experience and it’s gonna be a memorable year to remember. You don’t know how a complete stranger could change your life. Because i feel that. My host family is a second family.They support me through my exchange year.

You will also make peace for a better world, it bridges understanding between countries!

So far, only few students placed in Howard County, the deadline is June 1st! If you wish to have an exchange students in your school, please host one or help us by spreading this!

#AFS #NyanyianTanahAir #ciamique (at Oakland Mills High School)

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