day 260 - indonesian

Monday, May 4, 2015
By Ellen Livia - 9:32 AM

#Day260 “You can take me out of Indonesia, but you can not take Indonesia out of me”

Yesterday i went to Around The World #PassportDC in DC. It’s an event where you could travel a lot of countries in a day. I went to 5 embassy. I was thinking about staying the whole day at The Embassy of Indonesia. But there are a lot of things to see! I went to Philliphine, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and Nigeria. My favorite is Indonesia. Not to mention that I am indonesian, but there were a lot of things to do, music, gamelan, pencak silat, reog, angklung, batik lesson, historical corner, and food for free!

The night before i went to Gamelan Orchestra at UMD - College Park. So there was bo reason for me to miss home since i have been home too many times! 😄 I recommend you guys to go to Around The World #PassportDC next year! It’s worth it 😄 you could travel the world without going outside.

Next week, there’s gonna be a Europe Union Embassy Open House in DC! Dont miss it 😄


PS : I wore batik, which is indonesian traditional cloth

#NyanyianTanahAir #AFS #ciamique (at Indonesian Embassy - Washington, DC)

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