day 258 - sticking together project

Friday, May 1, 2015
By Ellen Livia - 6:33 AM

#Day258 The Sticking Together Project.

today i went to school right before the 3rd period because my head was a lil bit dizzy this morning. So i was running late.

I surprised with all the sticky notes hanging on the wall. This is why i love OM. Today we had more than 7000 sticky notes to share kindness, silly things, and anti Bullying. More info about #TheStickingTogetherProject you all could see that on youtube by OMHS National Art Honor Society.

The first simple silly sticky note that i got today brighten my day, “You got this” It was from Ian. I got it right after i checked in. Late problems. My favorite was from Thomas “LIVE FREE”. No matter what happened stick into it, be you and do whatever you want to do!

It’s amazing how random words in a sticky note could affect somebody.

Did you all find my #ciamique sticky notes? ;)


Shoutout to Tim for jamming with me and Hannah & CRU for ice cream after school!

Keep the good vibes! #ciamique #NyanyianTanahAir #AFS (at Oakland Mills High School)

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