day 283 - undershadow

Wednesday, May 27, 2015
By Ellen Livia - 5:57 AM


Meet my sweet little friends.

Last sunday I met these bright kids. A guy in the left is Josiah Skiles, a girl in the right is Keira Skiles. I had an interesting conversation with Josiah. He is a future director. This 12 years old guy shown me his lego short movie directed and produced by him. He asked me how many view he could get by posting his picture as one of my daily post in my mini-blog Instagram. And i told him I definitely would write something about him even if he didn’t ask me. I also met his siblings, John Luke (11), Keira (8), Gabe, and Bless. All of them helped Josiah to make his own short movie. So far, He uploaded 12 short movies on his youtube channel : Undershadow Productions.

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I asked him why he did this, because people in his age might just go outside play soccer or baseball rather than making short movies and upload it on youtube. He said “It’s my dream to be a movie producer. I am 12 years old. I could start to live my dream whenever i want. It doesn’t cost money to make a short movie with lego. I don’t hire actors. I just used my lego and ask my siblings to be a voice dubber. And it’s fun!” - Josiah Skiles.

In my point of view, he is a bright kid. But he is not a “kid”. He is so mature for his age. So please kindly visit his youtube channel and leave a feedback for him!

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