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Monday, June 15, 2015
By Ellen Livia - 9:59 AM

Tomorrow I am going to leave Maryland. The time is come, this exchange year is almost closer to the end. I made a lot of good friends that i will keep forever. Columbia is another place that i could call home. This year, I have a family that welcome me and let me in to their house as a part of the family. I met a lot of teachers and coaches in Oakland Mills High School that taught me something more than just a lesson, I learned about being my self during my exchange year. Thankyou Bina Antarbudaya, AFS Baltimore Area Team, YES program, and US Dept. of State that gave me the opportunity to get a scholarship and being an exchange student in US. I am grateful for friends and family that support my exchange year. It's sad to think how the year going by so fast. I wish i could stay here longer. I always remember the beginning of the exchange year where I feel like I am an alien that just moved to a new community. Now it feels different, i don't want to leave soon. All of you are so nice. This year will be the year to remember. Today I threw a coin in a wishing well with a friend of mine. I wish I could throw coin again in the same wishing well, I want to go back to Columbia again.

Some people asked me what I feel, am I ready to go back home, am I excited, am I sad, etc. I got a lot of similiar questions. It's hard to explain. It's true that I am excited to see my natural family that I have never seen in a year. In the same time, i am sad that i have to said goodbye to all the people I have met here. But that's a part of exchange year. 

This week has been a fun week. There are couple things that makes me sad, but there are miliion things that makes me happy. I am glad i am around the people that I love and love me. 

I have already said goodbye to the people that I met the last couple daysthat I wouldn't be able to see anymore before I leave. It made me cry and I didn't like to admit it. 

Someone told me something yesterday, "You are crying because it is worth it". 

Thankyou so much.

Wish to see you all in Indonesia.
I am going to miss you all.

- Livia Ellen, an indonesian exchange student in Columbia, MD, US
OMHS '15

I am packing right now, it's sad to take everything off the wall.
Wish i could just pack America and bring it home to Indonesia.

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