day 293 - lantern

Saturday, June 6, 2015
By Ellen Livia - 1:15 PM

#Day293 Thursday, i went to OMHS as a visitor. It was worth it, even though i got kicked out from the lunch. But i was still trying to get in anyway. I met a lot of my friends and teachers. A friend asked me if I ready to leave. I said if I am ready, i wouldn’t be at school that day. I went home and cooking an indonesian food for my family and friends, Kari Ayam.

It was a good day. In the night I went to my friends house and had a good time there. I decided to bring a lantern. Because that was the only night all of us were together. It was bittersweet and fun. Lantern has a big meaning for me. We wrote our wishes and things that I want to let it go. The last time I did it was Mariam’s last night in US, and my birthday night. Last night we released the lantern in a rainy night, and we ended up running and “catching fire”, following the lantern until it get lost.

I learned that releasing things is one of part of growing up and moving on. I can not be selfish and keep things forever. There will be a time where you have to decide what you are gonna do with your life. This exchange year taught me a lot of thing. I might lose friends, a year of high school. But i gain more; friends, confidence, a year of high school, memories and a new place to be called home. I’m settled in.

However, I could keep the memories here.

#nyanyiantanahair #afs #ciamique #klyes (at Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine 🎶)

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