day 295 - happy birthday sam

Tuesday, June 9, 2015
By Ellen Livia - 10:39 PM

#Day295 Saturday, June 6. It was Samantha’s Day! And also her mom’s birthday! She is a sweetheart. We went around Maryland with a limousine. First stop was her house. The cookie cake is my favorite cake! And then the limousine took us to Centennial Park, where we took this picture. This brought me a memory of me doing Jingle Ball Run with baenix and Mom! I have never thought that I would come back there. It was a beautiful lake. It looked so different in the winter. Now it’s spring! After that We stopped at Annapolis Waterfront. That brought me in tears. I saw some buildings that I, Jasleen, Mariam, Ivana, Hanna, Bobba went ; Kilwin’s ice cream, The silly hat store, the crab restaurant that Jasleen hates, the boat etc. I also saw the place where I brought my guitar and sang along tried to be a street musician a while ago. That was a beautiful night. I am glad Sam took us there.

Sam is a sweetheart. She isn’t 16 yet! But she will be. I am pretty sure God has a beautiful plan for her. Have a great year ahead Sammy!

#NyanyianTanahAir #KLYES #ciamique #AFS (at Centennial Park Maryland)

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