farewell party

Thursday, June 11, 2015
By Ellen Livia - 12:59 AM


#Day296 Sunday, June 7. It was my going away party, Ellen’s Happie Goodbye! I gotta say goodbye to some people that I’m not going to see anymore. Living in ‘Murica is an awesome experience. I am not saying you will live happy ever after in US. It’s not like living in the world with rainbows and unicorns. There are ups & downs. There are things I like and things I dislike. But overall the journey itself is worth it and I figured out i am going to have a new place to be called home. I figured out when i go back i will feel homesick about Columbia, MD. I have those people around me that I will keep; Friends.

Christine and Mom helped me before the party started. Thankyou so much!

During the party, I and my friends made henna tattoo. It will stay until i went back home to Indonesia. In the end, we went to Oakland Mills Middle School field to release some goodbye lanterns that carry our wishes. I thought it was too heavy that the first one couldn’t even handle it, the first one flew away without even carrying our wishes. The second one flew with our wishes. I was glad it worked. The wishes were too heavy. Lol.

Then we made a pyramid with me on the top, and all of us were falling down. Leon told me that i didn’t need a lot of people. One is enough. Then he carried me until both of us were falling down. He was not strong enough, or I was too heavy. I guess the other german wanted to show who was stronger. Kilian carried me on the way home. He carried me upside down too. I was feeling like i was kidnapped. The night was ciamique. Thankyou so much for coming and having me in 'Murica!

Hmu cuz i have 5 days left in Columbia.

#nyanyiantanahair #AFS #ciamique #KLYES (at 🌻 VW 🚐)

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