Thursday, June 25, 2015
By Ellen Livia - 4:30 AM

So happy that I could see her. Lidia is my sister. I went to US for a year abroad. It surprised me that the fact I left her for a year abroad in US made her more mature and wise. It has been 4 days since I arrived home. I had a week orientation in DC and Jakarta. It was worth it. I didn’t post anything in 2 weeks. But I promise i will catch up with the last 2 weeks that I did in the States and on my way home. Thank you for the McGarvey (my awesome host family), AFS, Bina Antarbudaya, YES program, Oakland Mills High School (my host school) and all the people that I have met during the year.

I would say so far this year is the most #ciamique year for me! ✈️

#nyanyiantanahair #KLYES #AFS (at home ✈️🏡)

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