day 291 - Aunt Kath

Wednesday, June 3, 2015
By Ellen Livia - 12:19 PM


#Day291 Cute boy Vs. Hot guy.

This is the last day I met her, Auntie Katherine, a.k.a Ms Kitty. She came here and visited me Yay! I had fun with her and Sasha and Ashley when we were in Florida last spring break. She is the sweetest and coolest auntie that you will ever have. I’m glad after the things that we did together.she decided that she will try to be an AFS liaison next year for the exchange students.

She gave me a lesson about how to keep positive energy in our daily life and be happy. No matter when people leaves you or try to put you down, just be strong and keep the positive energy.

This is one of the lesson from her that made my day when we were at Starbucks drive-thru. She is so funny.

#nyanyiantanahair #afs #ciamique #klyes (at a cute boy vs. a hot guy)

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