Day 300 - Bye DC

Sunday, June 28, 2015
By Ellen Livia - 12:24 PM

#Day306 tuesday, June 16, Day 2 of Pre Return Orientation, how to rock the american squad pose with no american squad.

We went to Capitol Hill and US Department of State Office. We talked to the US Dept of State Staff. We also met Kal Penn, one of an actor from How I met Your Mother. It was a good day. I am glad i was an exchange student to USA. US is a very diverse country with a large group of different races and people from different country. The people are nice. A lot of people said that American are individualist. Yeah, that is true but they also really good to work as a team. That’s the reason you have squad pose in ‘Murica ;) Show your squad pose, that is how to strike a pose with your team!

#NyanyianTanahAir #AFS #ciamique #KLYES (at hOMe)

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