Day 305 - La Palapa

Sunday, June 28, 2015
By Ellen Livia - 12:18 PM

#Day305 June 15, Sunday. literally that was the last day I saw my host family this year. They took me to La Palapa, Mom’s favorite restaurant in Old Elicott City. It was actually my favorite Mexican restaurant. I was thinking it’s gonna be the last Enchiladas i ate in ‘Murica. True that. This family has been there for me everytime. Support me everytime in the states. Thankyou for letting me be part of The McGarvey family. After that, dad and mom took me to Hilton Dulles Airport hotel, the place where i would have a 3 days return orientation before going home. Some exchangestudents that is hosted in the states that is far away from DC have said goodbye to their family at the airport. I lived close to DC, so my host family took me to the orientation place. They also gave me a farewell gift to remember, and Maryland & USA flag. On the way to DC, i did not fell like i was leaving. I had my maryland flag wrapped around my shoulder. I have been to DC so many times that I felt like I was going back to Maryland soon. But i was not.

I haven’t posted anything about my last couple weeks in the states because I wasn’t ready to post or write things like this.

My host family is amazing!

Things I miss so much from my exchange year in USA are : Family, Friends, FOOD

#NyanyianTanahAir #KLYES #ciamique #AFS #WhyHostingMatters (at hOMe)

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