June 23rd - a Memorable Day

Sunday, June 24, 2012
By Ellen Livia - 10:34 PM

Yesterday was one of my memorable day

June 23rd 2008, The last day i posted something in my first blog

June 23rd 2009, I lost my close friend because of Cancer, you still have something i haven't answer yet.

June 23rd 2010, I made a promise to my buddy in a bus, i wouldn't have a boyfriend till june 23rd 2011,or June 23rd 2012 (I make it happen).

June 23rd 2011, My buddy didn't even remember what my promise is.
We ain't closer anymore, 
and I was afraid with -what i had-,
I don't even know what my feeling was,
i was afraid if i should lose my dad at the moment, after i lose my buddy..
i know we won't be closer anymore. Yeah i regret why i let my self being a stupid buddy for u

"Mollen", i miss it so badly .haha

June 23rd 2012
I'm a normal
I'm grateful with what i had
I'm not sad
I know imma useful
I know life must go on :)

"I love those who love me, and those who diligently seek me will find me"
 - Proverbs 8:17

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