A Change

Sunday, June 24, 2012
By Ellen Livia - 12:00 AM

Ok, i know it's not a normal idea
I'm a just a normal teenager with some crazy ideas on my mind

I dunno, what it will be
But everyone needs to grow up
Me,my sister, my friend and the others
They need to grow up too
Not grow up physically, but try to be mature enough

I asked my self who i am, finally i got the answer

" You need to know your self well before they know you. "
 You will know your self when u life with strangers, in a new life.
Somewhere, u won't find anyone u know before there

Then when u return.
U will come with a big smile then try to make a new change
Start in your self, then try it to peoples around u :)

I told someone about it, not one. umm 2 person ;p
My Imaginary Friend : The First person i told (She/He/It/ disagree)
My Buddy  : My buddy said "Stupid"

K, i don't care at all
I'm ready

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