Unique Dad

Tuesday, June 26, 2012
By Ellen Livia - 10:39 PM

He is really old
He has gray hair
He is always busy
He spend his time for work and work

But however,he is my dad
He is the best man ever
He is really smart, but sometimes he could be crazy too

Yeah, I am a copy of him ;)

Ok, This afternoon, he shocked me
He knocked the door
Not the door on my room,but my house
My mom asked me to open the door, so I did.

before i opened the door, i asked 'who is there?'
No reply,so i unlocked the door
Then, he screamed at me while bowing his body
I think his face looked weird, ok I know when somebody is screaming, Their face are always weird too, and me too :P

Atm,I was shocked, it's just like 'wth is it duhh'
But i didnt say it, it's just something on my mind :P

So, I screamed out loud too
Of course,It was more louder

He asked me to forgive him,
Actually i didn't really think about it

Then, we laughed together

He is a great storyteller too
When we had luch , we could talk much in 2 or 3 hours
ahaha daughter and dad's time ;)

This afternoon, he told me the story about one of his staff

He told me about blablabla
There was a senior high school that really messy,random,etc
Fighting and fighting.. that was their habit

one day, there was a new headmaster, he was a taekwondo master and got a black belt, he was an army, and there was no student who brave to fight with him
Yeah the headmaster was really strong
one of my dad's staff/employee has ever been there
My dad's staff has ever stab his pen to his friend's eyes
he said that it's usual thing at the moment when there is a fighting(tawuran)
and he never did it anymore since there was a neh headmaster

But now , it's one of the nice school in Jakarta
It's SMA Boedi Oetama (Now it's become International High School)

My dad told me that " Bad things can be changed to be a good things" :) 

Oh yeah,i have to pray for my sister's competition. Wish her luck ;)


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