First Day

Wednesday, June 27, 2012
By Ellen Livia - 9:38 PM

I thought it was not really something called *holiday*

Yeah this resort is nice,
Me and my mom got a room named "Seruni 2"
And my sister and Miss Fivie's room is Kamboja 1
Well it's so so so so far from my room

In front of our window , there is some wide -short tree
I thought it would be cool when i wake up and  then i see those tree

My mom got afraid, lol
I just could laugh
She stared at me like i was a little mouse
I stopped laughing
Yes, Miss Fivie said it's too horrible for us

Guess what , in Villa Seruni , there's just me and my mom in the room 2
fyi,whereas there was 10 rooms,2 halls,and 1 living room in the villa seruni
But those rooms were empty. It's the reason why my mom didn't want that room
Yeah Villa Anyelir and Kamboja was full,
it's the reason why we got a room in Villa seruni
Finally, we went to the office
The SPG brought us to the last room in Villa anyelir, at least it was more near from Villa kamboja
And the boss came and told us that there was a empty room in Villa Kamboja
My mom was happy and we moved to Kamboja 15, Lidia and Miss Fivie's room was Kamboja 1

Secretly, Because in my room there was 5 empty bed
Miss Fivie and my sister moved here

Anyway the resort wasn't really good, I think.
For a night we paid 210.000 for 1 person, not 1 room
The cost is really cheap if in a room there's 1 person

We started our evening with took a nap for a while
But huh, we didn't have enough time to rest,except me ;)

Today, i just spent my time in my room, because i want to and yeah for some reason
I should wait the waitress to brought us our dinner, and here i am during the night O.N.M.Y.B.E.D

I know it's not a holiday, but hey i must enjoy it, right ,okay then :P

Yesterday i'm not sure i can post something
The schedule tell that the competition ends at 10 pm, well it's late night ._.
and the result will be given at friday

Yeah, I know what my sister's feeling right now
afraid ._.

At the night, we got a new friend in our room
Her son participate this olympic too
So, Here's 5 person in a room!
and here's 5 bed, it's enough

Ok now , here was a/some ***** (i think u know what i mean).
When i opened my blog, The bathroom door was opened automatically
I was the one who saw it(the door)
Cause there were sleeping,ok not really sleep, they are laying on their bed
I was sitting in front of my netbook, But
But My Mom and our friend(i still don't know what her name is, Call her Miss Y) :P heard the door's sound
And they asked me did i go to the bathroom
Aand i just said," Hey i'm on my bed,look at me!"

Miss Fivie didn't believe it, finally we proved it together,yeah we couldnt close the bathroom's door
It's really hard ._.
We tried to close it together, but we couldnt
Finally,when we wake up, the door has been closed :)

And guess what, in my room , here is 5 person
and yeah i think they must change it, we should pay for each room, not each person
It's better.
Lidia should leave Cindy, when she moved to my room
At Kamboja 1, She knew Cindy, The Science olympic participant
She was cute, a bit childish, but she was nice :)

Actually this post has been saved in draft on Friday
It's turn off suddenly ._.
Because the batt was low , so, i couldn't click the "publish" button

K bye :P

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