Run Joey Run

Friday, August 26, 2016
By Ellen Livia - 12:03 PM

Hello folks!

Aside of all the chaos that happened because of this pre-college orientation thing. I am so happy that I am back to running!

Remember that line from Glee?! Run Joey Run sung by Lea Michelle. No, it's not that kind of run. I am literally running. Univeristy of Indonesia environtment is a fuckin awesome for running and doing excercise. The people are friendly, they also have bike path and also a path for the pedestrians and runners like me.

I run everyday in UI, either early morning or late night. Because I just love it. And guess what?! Couple weeks ago, I got my first medal in UI.


 for finishing the 5K Runtastic Run as the first 40 runners at Boulevard UI.

There is this 5K that held in UI to support the disabled people. I surprised that I was the first 40, that was the reason I got the medal. I did fall two times when I was running. My fingers were bleeding and also my leggings were teared on the knee, you couldn't really see it tho. But I was thinking that I gotta finish strong so I stood up and go running!
I haven't really do running since I have a back pain and a sacrum traumatic. Once the doctor told me He didn't sure about recommend me to run. But this medal cheer me up. Anyway im gotta kickass running again! Yo' El is back!

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