Wednesday, February 4, 2015
By Ellen Livia - 11:36 PM

🌊 Ohio

SuperBowl night 🏉 #latepost


Into the woods ❄️ (bikepath)

Black umbrella squad ☑️☔️ (finally meeting the indonesian!)


At least i could stand ❄️ (at National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden and Ice Skating Rink)


Rainy day in DC ☔️ (at Smithsonian Castle)


You know it’s not the right time for go hiking on the trail. The snow are melting, the path was icy, but the nature is still beautiful as it is.

An adventurous friend that like to travel with you is the loveliest thing ever.

(at Patapsco Valley State Park)

How about having a cup of starbucks coffee someday…

in a different continent? 😃 ☕️ (at Starbucks - 22nd & K Street)

👯 (at Arthur-Murray Dance)


🚊🚃 i want to go back to Indonesia by train, road trip will take much longer time 🕐

So that i could enjoy all different places of the world

But it will never happen ✈️ (at B&O Railroad Museum)

💩 (at The Mall in Columbia)

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