Friday, February 27, 2015
By Ellen Livia - 9:13 AM

I just got the email from CaroLily. That is the word they used to call themselves in the email. Caroline & Lily are two important AFS-USA Sponsored Program Coordinator that always send a remainder to fill out the Exchange Student Survey so i could get the stypends money each month.

They also included the words we used to describe our experience so far! They picked a word that people submit last month! Mine is Adventurous.

It's an adventurous journey.I saw a lot of new things. When I just got here, I kinda feel like I was an Alien. William, Jasleen's 5 years old host-brother even agreed with it by mispronouncing my name as Alien, not Ellen -_-

It has been a busy week, I need a refreshing. Spending time with friends probably.

This Saturday, I am going to go hiking with my friends at the Oregon Ridge Nature Center anyway. It's in the north of Baltimore. They are having a Maple Sugaring week-end. The plan is we will take a short hike to tap a tree for sap. If it's not too cold, we will extend our hike to enjoy the winter wonderland! When we return to the nature center, we will see and smell the sap being boiled down and taste maple syrup and maple sugar.

It sounds amazing, isn't it? Unfortunately, I have stage crew this saturday. I haven't decided yet what I am going to do, hiking or stage crew. There is another stage crew day, but there are a lot of things that are not done yet. Duhh I'm confused! The other thing that I like about the stage-crew is the time i spent with my friends. I realized that I am about to leave, I want to have something to be remembered while I am here so I join the stage crew :)

The last time I went hiking is with Mai at the Patapsco River Park a week before my birthday. It was icy. But the view is hella beautiful.
The ice is melted

Red & Blue are the warmest colours  ✌

The other hiking trail that I like is Billy Goat Trail at Potomac River. I went there with my friends on summer. It has been a while. But I really want to go hiking there again soon. 

I am the girl with the bag on the bottom. I was about to fall but I was Okay.
I took this picture (Left to Right : Gustav, Jo, Johanne, Rebecca)
 Let's see either I would have some pictures from Oregon Ridge Nature Center or not.

Have a Ciamique day!


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