day 243 - wicked broadway show

Friday, April 17, 2015
By Ellen Livia - 6:31 AM

#Day243 {late post from yesterday}

Last night my hostfamily helps me accomplish another goal in my exchange year. We watch the broadway tour’s Wicked!

They are my favorite people in US 😄

Being an exchange student in USA through AFS with The McGarvey is a wonderful #ciamique journey!

We have an adventurous journey through things we have done together.

AFS connected us with ONE LOVE.

We shared happiness, tears and laugh especially through music and running.

I’m glad to say that I am still here, living the rest of my exchange year. I wish there would be more pictures to put in our Reel Life!

So, please help us to have another adventurous #ciamique journey ahead by winning the AFS Reel Life competition!

Please vote for our video at { The McGarvey & Livia)

I appreciate that!

Also some of you who have known Gita, a senior in OM last year. If you want to see and bring her back to US again please vote her here (The Spenard & Gita)

It means a lot to us! Thanks a lot!

I wish I have more time to spend with them..

I wish we have another journey..

I wish you feel the way we do..

Bring the world home! And host an exchange student with AFS! 😄

#AFS #NyanyianTanahAir #Ciamique (at Hippodrome Theatre Baltimore)

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