Sunday, September 9, 2012
By Ellen Livia - 6:53 PM

I am who i am,it's my business to do everything i want to

i dunt even know how much i created the blogs, including wordpress,skyrock,tumblr,webly,etc
most of them are nonactive anymore

i wasnt as dumb as y'all thinkin about me
these are my own place to share everything through the social network
these are everythings on my mind
these are the one (well the ones maybe? too many blogs, k typo, not ones)  private zone
i can do everything with those blogs,or even to delete all the post 

sometimes , people want to be alone,including me

today i watched a film, my friend recommended it to me a long time ago in the past (lebay),
ketika denger kata including me, ngerasa pengen bilang iwh(alay lagi kan),kan gini di film itu ada yg nanya including me, terus satu lagi jawab especially you, nah acting nya itu dalem banget pas ngomong gitu, gw sendiri nontonnya udah ngerasa ngeliat acting antara lebay atau proffesional gitu :x lol
ga ngerti kan? syukur aja,gw juga (?) haha


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