Sunday, September 9, 2012
By Ellen Livia - 5:06 PM

i just know it's in my draft hahah xD
It's my first week in High School,or the second week, well i forgot it

I started my life in High School , it's different

There's 32 students in my class, 32 in X-1, 32 and X-3
I'm in X-2, the middle class is not bad ;)

I sit beside the entrance, there're 3 doors in my class.
K, i'll write about the sh*t things -.-

Today, it's *cencored , call him Re*'s birthday, everyone could know who has birthday today if they check the calendar in our class.
I don't even remember his birthday.

6.05 am, X-1
"Lele!!! I miss you!!" <<----alay *hugs
David shaked his head --
Suddenly, a girl was running. she's *cencored, call her lyn ;)*She came for me and whispering " Liv, Re has bday today "
"have u already say happy bday?"
"not yet"
"let's do it"
"jangannnnnnnnnn(<<-- don't)" <<--- teriak2 kaya sinetronnnn

"Re!!!, happy bday yaaa, dont be arrogant, long live :D, wish u all the best, happy fasting day!"
i gave my hand to shake his hand, he was just like hey today was my bday? really? wow, i forgot it ! he was still holding his bolpoint --
-without shake my hand- , i feel like a dumb, then i left him
Since it happened, all i feel is just like what an arrogant man
Lyn wasnt brave enough, she told me that , he's fasting, it's the reason why he didnt give the response of my handshake. yep Lyn had crush on Re, the different religion make Lyn adoring him by distance ._. *alayyy bangettt kannnnn kelas guee*

I told about Re to ishak,about he's too arrogant. Ishak didnt really care at all.
I dunno that Re heard what i and Ishak talked or not


When we lined up, (we always do it when first teacher comes,well not really, if the teacher is late, we wouldnt do this lol)
Re asked me with a serious expression "Liv, am i arrogant?"
I was worrying did he hear my conversation with isak?
I just said " hah?"
Kevin break the ice, Yihaa "am i like him?arrogant? "
Finally, i said, "YES! but jk bro :P"
but,the teacher asked me to follow someone in front of me, then the conversation has end
I still wondering why he asked me about it, did he hear me and isak's conversation, or it's because the things they wrote in his book
yep Yesterday, my -character/morality teacher- asked us to write about our positive and negative stuffs, then we must asked our friend to tell our positive/negative attitude .

I feel guilty when I talked with Re and Kevin, i know there's a girl lookin' at us, that's Lyn.

ahh i didnt care anymore


Sport Time
actually, the shit thingy was happened during the sport time --
males ngetik

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