Mom's Quote

Sunday, May 27, 2012
By Ellen Livia - 8:15 AM

i dont even know it's a draft , umm i forgot to click the publish button, so here it is

Hari ini gue baru pergi buat beli keperluan apa tambahan yg harus di bawa
well hari ini cape banget
pulang2 ga kaya biasanya gue bantu mama goreng cemilan, biasa lidia yg bantu
HEY IMMA PHYROPHOBIAA!! not really duhh..
Well suatu saat, gw harus nyalain api pake ini kepala.. lolol

at the chillin time,ma momma told me :
" When u being hurt, don't sad or become a weak girl, You would get more than what that person got before "

I dunno what my life would be if i never had her as my mum..

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