24 Hours - Mayu Wakisaka

Monday, May 28, 2012
By Ellen Livia - 12:50 AM

Oh yeah May 22 , i received a parcel from my friend
Well, it's a walkman(hey im a girl, it is walk girl!! lol) and a  Japanese christian song CD

I hear the first song in that playlist, there's 24 hours song by Mayu Wakisaka,
 it is a song with deep meaning
the first time i heard it , it just like reminded me to song i wrote a few months ago, but it's different.
i started it with 14 , not 24 lol

finally i found the lyric, but not for the chord, huh there's too many similiar song with the same title!
Here it is

24 hours I haven’t slept
23 reasons that you have to go
22 excuses to make you stay
21 years old you’re restless
20 glasses we bought for our place
19 left cause you broke one
18 text messages I’m scared to read
17 goodbyes in my inbox
I hear the clock tick tock
Before we break up I turn the alarm off
16 letters you wrote to me
15 said “I love you”
14 times how many times I’ve read?
Before you make up your mind
I will wake up and pack all my memories
13 dresses in my closet
12 plans I had for our future
11 came true but one
10 boxes I hid on the shelf
9 full of memories one filled with tears
8 pictures I left for you to keep
7 hours before you wake up
6 hours before I leave
24 hours I haven’t slept
23 reasons that you have to go

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