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Wednesday, March 14, 2012
By Ellen Livia - 6:56 PM

 Livia Ellen

 14 years old, love writing,singing,dancing,painting and many more.
 oh yea..I love playing music.

 Keyboard,Guitar,Recorder. Especially my guitar, i love it sound so much.
 I really love music, though im not too good at them.
 But i'd like to try to be better as possible i can.
 Art is just like my soul, I can anythin' through picture i drew, music i played, song i sang, and story i wrote, etc..

There's a lot of Type of Art in t he world. You just need to find it deeply oh Yeah you know, writing is one of them, and i swear it's not hard. It would be fun if u read it someday in the future ! <3

 ~An Imaginer, Dreamer

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