Saturday, March 24, 2012
By Ellen Livia - 5:18 AM

Today i just done all of my practice test, here its for today : Mandarin Chinese, Computer(internet) and Singing!!!!

Gosh, i couldn't sing well, u know though i'm usually
singing in front of him, it's judt really big  DIFFERENT
There's a handycam which recorded us singing,i think it made me nervous!

at the moment, i must sang two song, christian song and indonesian pop song
i thought it would be hard cause i had to sing indonesian song, i didnt know much about indonesian singer, expect if i like their song

I sang 'When I say that i love you' by Franky Sihombing and 'Sempurna' or 'perfect' by andra&the backbones
i wanna watch my video but i think Mr.Tri wouldnt give it to me,
it will be shown when we retreat at June , ahh, it's sepraration of me and my frind, we had to continue our study at 10th grade, i had to move to 'Cinta Kasih Tzu chi school" , i think it's not too bad, cause it teach me about how to be a good human :)

Mr. Tri is my best teacher,he is like my dad,he teach meto play guitar, but now he is more closer with other, or it's just my feeling, idk ,,
i dont know that did he know about it,

i just want he know about he's the best teacher ever had!!

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