We got the 4th Place in EIC Singapore!

Sunday, July 29, 2018
By Ellen Livia - 8:27 PM

It was so exciting when I and my team knew we made it to the semifinal of Energy Innovation Challenge 2019 in Singapore. We were not sure about going or not since we didn't know how to afford going to the competition in Singapore. It is the 4th competition we joined this year. The first one is in Malang, the ESPRIEX ASEAN BMC. We got the 4th place in BMC. The 2nd competition we joined was UI Incubate. We did not make it to the final rounds. The 4th competition is Clear Sky, we got the 1st place. Fortunately. with the prize money, we had some money left in order to come to Singapore!

It was surreal when we think about what we want to do with our projects. Most of our teammates are going to graduate upcoming 2 months, beside me and Jo. It was really competitive. We met engineers from India, Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong, and South Korea!

The competition is not just for university students. They also have the competition for high school students in Singapore. I was really surprise know how the high school students innovation could be mindblowing!

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