August 2014

Friday, September 5, 2014
By Ellen Livia - 9:55 AM

18 Aug 2014, It’s fun to had the pool party with these cool friends!

19 Aug 2014, Cross Country practice in the morning! So, today is my first day in cross country team, it’s kinda tired because i didnt run a lot before.  (at Oakland Mills High School)

Having fun with this pretty Norway girl, Aurora Elissee (at The Mall in Columbia)

20 Aug 2014, I and Jasleen visited Smithsonian Institution, we visited National Air & Space Museum, American Indian Museum, and National Gallery of Art. Oh yeah i took a picture with Vincent van Gogh (upper right picture)! It’s always fun to discover new things! (at National Mall, Smithsonian museums)

22 Aug 2014, i went to DC, and kinda missing Monas, i found ‘Monas-look alike’ called Washington Monument #afs #yes #nyanyiantanahair (at Washington Monument National Monument)


Satay, eggroll, and chicken curry with rice are perfect for lunch!

Found these foods at Thailand restaurant, Bangkok Garden.

I was surprised knowing that Thailand Restaurant has satay.

Still, it’s delicious! #iloveeating 😄

#afs #yes (at Bangkok Garden)

24 Aug 2014, Supporting the Wahington nationals baseball team today!

#instanats #natitude (at Nationals Park)

5 Sept 2014 , Spaghetti Dinner at Hannah Passman house with the coolest ppl ever! #XC

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