Thursday, September 28, 2017
By Ellen Livia - 2:48 AM

It was started on the 3rd of March where I felt that it was the worse week ever because I have never felt so much pain and nausea during the last couple months or years. I did not realize till a doctor told me I had a cold & fever. I skip college classes every other day or every 2 days during the first 2 weeks of March. I keep doing my things to do because I was just used to do that, and I thought it was just period cramps and fever perhaps. I wished I followed the doctor instruction to get a blood test once none of the medicines did not work, but I didn't.

In the last week of March, I only come to 1 class in a week. I figured out something is wrong with me. Then I go to the nearest hospital, 10 mins uber ride from Lotus House, the kosan where I live. I went straight to the emergency room, They gave me oxigen, told me I was 38.9 C, got my blood checked and I asked them if they would do typhoid test for me. They did the complete blood test and Widal Test.

Screw them.
They said i was okay.

10 hours after that, I saw my mom visited my kosan and telling me i gotta go to the hospital. I told her I did. But she told me I had to go again.

I went to Tzu Chi Hospital, near my house.
They figured out i had typhoid fever. Stayed there for a week, the doctor told me again, something was wrong. It was not just typhoid. I got my blood checked every other day. 6 injections , either for meds or blood test in a week, USG test.

I ended up skipping midterm exam and went back to college after one and a half month , back and forth between hospital, lab and my bedroom.

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