Bye 2k15

Thursday, December 31, 2015
By Ellen Livia - 11:19 PM

2015 is a year full of joyful, happiness and love.

2015 is not just a year.

I meet a lot of people who made me who I am today and where I stand.

It’s the year I learned to say goodbye to my Maryland fam and also the year when I was so happy to see my indonesian family again after a year journey in US.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention it is also the year i got to know Tzu Chi Class of 2016 that is also my class now!

I am thankful for you all.

This photograph was taken candidly by a friend of mine when i was just coming home for couple weeks. I was doing the storytelling (again) about my exchange year memories in Maryland.

Geez, i was so happy.

Less than an hour to say goodbye to 2015!

2015, u da realest 🙌

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