december 2014

Thursday, December 11, 2014
By Ellen Livia - 11:02 AM

Dec 11, 2014 Just watched an Indonesian Gamelan Orchestra in University of Maryland.

The concert was great, i was nervous to say Hi to the indonesian that i dont even know

But the composer made us meet each other! I Nyoman Suadin is a great music composer! It was nice to meet them, Kak Cia, Kak Lativa, Kak Keke & Kak Samuel

I love Gamelan even more here! #nyanyiantanahair (at University of Maryland, College Park)

7 Dec 2014, @OMChoir Backstage WBAL Concert 2014,

Uhh well asian has the coolest thing for taking a selfie ;) (at Oakland Mills High School)



Dec 6, 2014 #jinglebellrun5K with my Santa friends ;)

warming up for singing the real Jingle Bell Song in the WBAL concert tonight at Oakland Mills High School at 7pm! (at Centennial Park Maryland)


Dec 5, 2014

Made some pretzels & cookies for the WBAL rehearsal with Jasleen and Sam

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