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Tuesday, November 18, 2014
By Ellen Livia - 10:03 AM

Cross Country Race at C. Milton Wright High School #XC (at Maryland)

Cross Country is the best part of my exchange year.

I never thought that running will be a big part of my exchange year.

I have been in US for 3 months. Cross Country highlight those memorable 3 months :)

💪💪🏃🏃 Getting Better Everyday!

#nyanyiantanahair (at Cross Country Banquet)

Crazy Hat Day #xc #nyanyiantanahair (at Oakland Mills High School)

OM XC squad on the tree 😎😎
{the best place ever for cheering} ✌️👌👌👌👌 (at pc jared NC)


Last time cheering for XC team 😂 so proud of OM cross country team 👌 (at the tree at hereford HS 😁)


Coolest runners ever 👆👆👆👆#XC #afs #yes #nyanyiantanahair (at Hereford High School (Parkton, Maryland))

Because they give me a cool T-Shirt, with the coolest people’s name on it (read:me) *i mean seniors* 😉

I love the poster too, with my selfie…..

#ScorpionCrawl #XC (at Oakland Mills High School)

The coolest XC kids ever….. with the weirdest #asianselfiestick 😂 #XC (at Oakland Mills High School)

clouds are awesome.

(at Centennial High School (Howard County, Maryland))

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