What Hurts You The Most

Wednesday, January 29, 2014
By Ellen Livia - 6:20 PM

I recently found out where the disconnection lies between me and someone close to me. It lies in the place of fantasy, the place where lilies are gilded, stories are dramatic and everything is the best, the most, the smartest and funniest. In other words, I learned that the idea of fabulous me is easier to love than the real me and I’m working my way through how I feel about that.

It feels weird when you are in the circumstance you don't wish to be
Well, let me start this confession...

It hurts you the most when you break someone else's heart..
It hurts you the most when noone believe in you and support you..
It hurts you the most when you can't fullfill your promises..
It hurts you the most when everything goes wrong but u couldn't do useful thing..
It hurts you the most when you can't scream out loud..
It hurts you the most when you see the different side of you..

When your friends, family or even your relative seem like broken into pieces and you couldn't do anything,
When you can't confess your own feeling,
When someone is dissapointed for what you did,
When everything seems alright, but you're the wrong one,
When you couldn't stop your brain to stop thinkin' and feelin' these nightmare,

You know, i'm living in a dream that i have been made for 16 years. I won't break it and be a sort of -fail humanbeing-
Please wake me up when i'm okay.

Well, I'm human. I know sadness and dissapointment. 
It feels like empty-frozen yeah.
I need a cup of hot coffee to keep me warm, but not a bucks of fee
I need a friend, but i wish there will not be an -end-
Of Course, i need a family, there's an -i love you-

It might be crazy when you know that i'm writing this random thought. But it's one of stuff could that keep me normal.

-a unicorn that learn to fly-

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