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Tuesday, August 6, 2013
By Ellen Livia - 9:40 PM

Have you ever made friends? I bet you have made friends before. What about an online friend? Some of you might think that how could we have friends from another country when we don't have money to go to another side of the earth. It's not the main problem. MONEY is not everything. All you need is the capability of being your self, be nice to everyone and respect the diversity of culture, ethnicity, life style,etc. What if we don't have those capabilities? It would emerge as time goes. 

Respectful is not a skill. You can't learn it by reading or learning it on specific course program. However, it would be in your self when you have some experiences which make you understand about why this world has the diversity of everything.

Let's make a change! Don't stay in your room and daydream all day! Get to know everybody. If you don't have enough time for doing that, While you're working, you can browsing on Google and visiting the friendship and worldwide penpal sites. You can find lots of those stuff in Google.

Then, Build a worldwide friendship! Discuss about your country problem, your culture,lifestyle, ethnicity in your country. There are lots of things that you can disscuss. You also can learn their culture if you want to. Just ask them! 

ICT(Information and technology) is created so that we can use it in a good way and for a better world. We are so lucky because we live in a modern era. If time, cost and distance are the reasons why we are not get involved with the community. Online Social Network is the solving for that problem.

So, Let's make friends worldwide!

It's my pleasure to know you!

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