Open House Bina Antarbudaya Chapter Jakarta

Monday, March 25, 2013
By Ellen Livia - 10:49 PM

Can't believe that finally my mom agreed for what i want to!

Yeah applying for INAYPSc :) Today, i went to Bina Antarbudaya Chapter Jakarta Open House at One Fifteenth Coffee, behind Bina antarbudaya Office. 
4 of my friends applied this program too! Today, i went to 1/15 Coffee with my mom and sister. Dad can't go with us. Actually, we didn't tell him about this, since i knew that he would disagree with this program. My mom disagreed at the first time, but debating (at the good way) was the best choice for me. Finally, she agreed with that!

Last night, I and Ivana planned about go to the the open house together, me, her, and her dad. But, since my mom wanna know about this program, she wanna join me. Although, we've debated before because of this program. We debated again. lol My mom wannna go ther by taxi. And i wanna go there by busway (Transjakarta). Yeah i wish when she knew how TransJak is, she would give me a permission to go to anywhere by my self, including ngangkot! haha

But yeah, finally we went to the Open House by TransJak ;)


I was too early about 30 minutes before the Open House would be started. Well o well, i waited in front of Indomaret, I saw a man with a netherland shirt went to 1/15 coffee. I guess, it's one of the commitee. I meet Bella and the girl with Red Hijab. Then, we chitchat around 10 minutes. My mom and my sister went to somewhere i dunno, Scouting for the yummy food! haha

I wore that purple sneakers and that jelly shoes is my sister's

What i saw


Well, the open house was on the 1st ground, the commitee were nice. Because the line-up was not crowd. I suddenly walked there. I bought the application pin for me and Monalisa. It costs 50.000 rupiahs per pin. 
My Pin

Mona's Pin

After i bought the pins, i met Ivana. Then, we focused to the slideshow. We also had some intersesting chit-chat with the returnees! :)
Here's the pictures! :)

Ka Mitha, Ka "Ask Me"(?), ka Fahmi, Ka Cantika 



Ivana, Me and Kaka Jepang

Kaka Jepang, Kaka Italia, dan Kak Raras ( Norway)

The Crowd

The Unique Facts

Took a photo together with the returnees, Egid, Ashya & Astrid. 

Unique Facts about Iceland



Another Side of Europe Facts

Do you know where is Ceko?

Hongaria! Rubic!

Egid was reading the facts about Denmark!

Well that's all from the Open House Binabud!
See you next week! :)

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3 responses

  1. Hey, congrats ya :)
    1 month ago I read your comment on another blog about AFS/YES, it turns out you got away, it was verry good :)
    sempet ada niat buat daftar, tapi udah telat, mungkin lain waktu.
    Jangan lupa buat berdoa dan usaha terus ;)
    sedikit promosi, follow twitter ya @aldoadinataa kalo ada skype bisa di add aldoadinataa .
    Thanks, semangat!

  2. Thankyou do! Well, now i know how you.could know me
    I wish i could! Thanks :)

  3. semangat terus ;) jangan lupa doanya buat yourself dan orang2 yang di sayang pastinya :)


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