Saturday, December 8, 2012
By Ellen Livia - 10:01 PM

I took this pic when i was on my mom's hometown waiting for the sunrise :)

i've been stuck with my new life
i just realized that i've hurt a lot people
with my apathetic side

i've never thought about what they've given to me
especially you
i know you will never read it
but i hope someday you read it
im too shy to ask how you have been
yeah i regreted of my attitude to you, im too apathetic for you
never realized how great is your love for me
since i've been busy with my new life(ok not "life",i mean umm new condition), i've never cared for you
actually,everytime i was success on something, i always thought of you
you're the reason in my life,my inspiration

She always told me that you missed me so much
but, im still too shy to talk to you first

i saw our last photo, it's 4 years ago
the photo before that photo had taken in 9 years ago

i miss you
your laugh, the way you call me, the way you start to make me laugh, and your great story

i just realized we've never met in more than a half year,
ok it's just a few months ago, but i saw you in 15 seconds only, it's too sad

yes we grow up, but we dont need to dissapear, ok i mean i dont need to dissapear

i was too shy, even to say hi..
i love you
with love,
d**** , our name

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