Momma's day!

Thursday, December 20, 2012
By Ellen Livia - 9:38 PM

Today, The Freshman celebrated a Momma's Day !

My Counsellor had told us about this day and ask us to prepare what would we give to our Momma. I remembered about the Middle raport thingy. Every students made their special letter for their parent. With some doodles, picture, and sweet words. Guess what! My Mom didn't get mine. I dunno that my special letter was lost. Kinda sad, i could saw how my mom was dissapointed knowing that the other Mommas were reading their special letter.

For this Momma's Day. I and my young sister bought a necklace, and i made a handmade Momma's Day Card with a little bucket of Rose wich was made by my sister. At that momment, we didn't give them the gift first. We watched the sad short film about family. There was about 5 or 6 shortfilm during the Momma's day. LOL. You may guess how much the tears on the table.

We served the tea for our Momma, then watch the shortfilm again. And Our school band was singing Bunda and some songs about parent. There was some students who read a few poems for their Momma. The momment when most of The Momma crying was when we the freshmeat  (Freshman) wash their foot. and hug them. My mom was crying while i was washing her foot. and i was not crying, couldn't say any words.

I'm grateful because my mom could come. Devi's mom couldn't come, because her mom lives in Palembang. She was crying when she told us about her story on the stage. We all are touched by her sharing. And yeah Tiffany's parent were great too, especially her mom, always accompany Tiffany to everywhere. Even to go to Tiffany's class and Greyson Chance's showcase. Tiffany can't walk like us. She's just different and special! :)
That's so touching when Tiffany was trying to squat to wash her mom's foot. i couldn't watch that sad sweet part of Tiffany's Film (lol). Everybody was focussing on their mom, including me.


Wohoooooo We gave our gift! My mom cried again. My young  sister come to us then she just laughed at us -__- Then, i started crying when everybody around me were crying too, including my momma.
Here's the pic! 

In Indonesia, we celebrate Mother's day on December 22,
But because, our school We want the holiday come faster. The Commitee celebrated it earlier. December 20!

My mom was trying to kiss my cheek!

Everybody was crying, but we're smiling! :)

A Fail Picture, but it's a sweet memory!

With Love,


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