IQ Test and 1st Rank!

Thursday, December 20, 2012
By Ellen Livia - 9:20 PM

Mother's day!
Yeah It's such a fun day and i won't forget it.
Today, i got my IQ score and raport too.

My IQ is 126, it's not make me shocked. That's just numbers :)
This is one of the sheets.

The psycholog told me & my mom that it's kinda weird to know the result that my recommended subjects were Medical and Law stuff. 2 subjects which were really different. Well, but those are not the things that i'm really into.

Wohooo I got the 1st rank in my class! X-2!
To be honest, I'm not really surprised because i always get that place lol ( how confident are you~)

Today, The Freshman celebrated a Momma's Day (Click it! :)) !

Enjoy Your Day! :)

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