That Love Letter

Thursday, July 19, 2012
By Ellen Livia - 12:24 AM

That's a stupid momment when u had to write a love letter for ur senior -.-
K, God saved me ! at least, He didn't embarasse me ;)

It started when we (the juniors) should write a love letter and hate letter to a seniors
I wrote the love and hate letter to the same person. I don't even love or hate them!

In the auditorium, the place where we shown our perform, Me and Lele were gonna give the love letter when the musical drama was held. I know that's crazy, it's lele's idea ;)

But all the letters had been gaven to those receiver in the morning
The embarassed moment started when My mentor gave my rose to him after i gave it to my mentor, it's 05.55 am! Lele were joking when she told our mentor to gave my rose to him first! she lied that I gave it a perfume and it's special for him. I dunno he looked at me cause he hated me more than before or something else
Yeah , The seniors always mocked at me cause i was an ex of ________ *censored*

During our perform, I told gabriel and rico to give the rose to 2 seniors, and they did. At least, i didnt embarasse my self , k?

The time has came, when the MC should read some special letter.
And He(A senior whom i gave the letter to him) was standing beside the MC.
Lele told me that He held my letter. there's my handwriting .-.
I dunno that was a love or hate letter
Cause i was confussed when those letters had been entered to the envelopes ._.

Suddenly , He took my letter and go back to lace where the seniors were sitting.
I and Lele exhaled our breath together.
But, who knows? Anna was being Miss Letter ;) She was behind me and really shocked. I just laughed when i was hearing her letter.
That's really WOW. lol maybe lebay ahaha

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